Palmetto Community Action

Asset Building

Our award-winning Asset Building department offers information and/or services on the following: 


Managing Your Money
Managing your money doesn’t mean creating a strict budget and giving up the extras you enjoy. It means making decisions which might help you reduce your debt and accumulate more funds in the future.


Explore what services a bank offers. Learn about using a checking account, different types of checking accounts, debit cards, saving options, on-line banking, the benefits of banking and cautions about fees and penalties.


FREE VITA Tax Preparation
Why pay someone to do your taxes? We’ll do them at no cost to you! Trained tax professionals will help you keep more of your money in your pockets by helping you navigate tax credits, exemptions, and deductions. Returns are filed electronically, so you’ll get them back quicker and you’ll keep 100% of your return! This service is based on appointment availability, so make sure you schedule your appointment in advance!  Click here to view the 2021 Tax Prep Brochure.


Using Credit
Credit (or the ability to borrow money) can be a powerful tool in reaching you financial goals. Or, it can be a hidden enemy for those who do not have a spending plan or do not develop and maintain responsible credit management and behavior skills.


Credit History
Understanding what your credit history is – what’s in it, what’s not in it and how you can improve your credit profile, and how it can help you reach your financial goals. Even if you’ve never had a credit problem, the more you know about what your credit report it, how your credit score is calculated, and who uses your credit report and score, can only help you make more informed financial decisions.


Home Ownership
Renting vs. Buying. Which one’s right for you? We’ll help you decide and navigate the home buying process.


Owning a home – whether it’s a house or a condo – can also be a smart move financially, since you’re buying a valuable asset with the money you spend for shelter. Eligible Applicants: This program is not income based.


Learn how to become a savvy shopper and slash your grocery bills!  Take-home materials are provided. Register online with grocery stores, product manufacturers, service providers and coupon websites.  


Financial Planning 
Looking for a way to pay for a major purchase? Need help finding some extra spending money? We’ll help you plan the best way to make your money work for you!


Financial Empowerment Workshops
Asset Building Department offers free financial literacy sessions each week.  Program participants can schedule a one-on-one session or can sign up to attend one of the scheduled workshops.  Community organizations can also schedule these presentations for their groups.  


***Existing Palmetto CAP program participants are required to attend and complete a financial literacy session to be eligible for second service assistance.  Please anticipate the session to last approximately 2 hours.  You must be in attendance for the entire session in order to receive your certificate of completion to present to staff for second service assistance.  Please sign up for a session by calling the Asset Building department or by visiting our Schedule An Appointment page.***


Call 843-720-3718 for more information on the Asset Building program.  To schedule an appointment, please call 1-844-769-6448 or visit our Schedule An Appointment page.